Jubilee Housing’s mission is to build diverse, compassionate communities that create opportunities for everyone to thrive. We envision a city and a world where access to basic resources and opportunities are available to all people and where people live out these opportunities in the context of supportive community. Our contribution is to create and sustain a segment of this larger vision in our local neighborhood community in the Nation’s Capital, and from this grounded experience, influence change more broadly.

Jubilee Housing was founded in 1973 when members of Church of the Saviour saw a need to address substandard housing in the heart of Washington, D.C. We banded together to purchase The Ritz and Mozart apartment buildings in Adams Morgan. Since then, we have grown to encompass 10 buildings in Ward 1, serving nearly 800 people with housing and supportive services each year. Today, as low and moderate income families are being squeezed out of the District due to lack of affordable housing, our work makes sure they can benefit from the progress of the city. Our work creates justice housing.

Our approach is rooted in underlying beliefs about faith, calling, and the role of building and maintaining supportive communities. We believe that every person has in them what is needed to live a fulfilling life and that new opportunities help surface these inherent gifts and harness motivation. We believe in the self-determination of each person and working in partnership with one another to discover our gifts. We believe that obstacles are overcome and dreams are realized as people experience life together in community. We believe that this approach to community breaks down barriers and helps everyone in our city thrive.

We invite you to join us!

Our People

We pursue our mission in the context of community. Together, our residents, staff and Board of Directors empower one another to find and use our unique talents and strengths. Together, we pursue our fullest life callings in the context of mission.

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Our Partners

Over the years, we have aligned ourselves with a robust network of partners who bring expanded resources and shared expertise to our mission. Among these partners is the Jubilee Support Alliance, a network of business leaders that helps Jubilee Housing continue to provide service-enriched affordable housing in the District.

Please note: JSA and Jubilee Housing are in the midst of a transition to integrate their collective efforts to cultivate support from the corporate sector for optimal impact. JSA’s tax-exempt status is no longer in effect while we work through this transition phase. Please make all checks payable to Jubilee Housing, whose tax-exempt status remains in force.

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Financial Reports

Jubilee Housing strives every day to be a responsible fiscal steward. We direct resources in ways that create economic opportunity, provide affordable housing, and implement supportive services for our residents and clients.

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