Jubilee Senior Club


Jubilee Housing has a diverse community of residents from many backgrounds, income levels, and age brackets. This tapestry of people is one of the things that makes Jubilee so unique. We are fortunate that our community includes a large number of senior citizen residents. Thirty-two percent of Jubilee residents are 55 and over and that number is growing. With more and more seniors aging in place, we expect our senior network to become even more robust.

Romaine Johnson, one of Jubilee’s 55+ residents, noticed that while Adams Morgan was a vibrant neighborhood with many restaurants, bars, and shops there were not many activities geared towards senior citizens. Ms. Johnson envisioned a Senior Club that would serve as a convener of Jubilee Housing’s seniors and a coordinator of activities. After the Jubilee Housing annual beach trip, Ms. Johnson reached out to Jubilee staff to ask for help in making her dream of a reality.

After working closely with Jubilee, Ms. Johnson held two focus groups to gauge interest and collect ideas about what seniors in the community wanted out of a club.  In September 2018, the first focus group was held. Twenty residents came together to discuss and brainstorm the activities, and structure the senior club could take on. A month later, a a second focus group was held to help fine tune the role of the senior club. The senior club was formally created at this second focus group.

The senior club held their first event on Thanksgiving of 2018 .  The event was a potluck-style dinner held in the Rouse Room with all familiar holiday fixings such as turkey, stuffing, side dishes, and deserts. Jubilee Housing contributed food and drinks to the dinner as well. It was a great way for the senior club members who did not have family in the area to come together and enjoy the holiday with their neighbors.

The Jubilee Senior Club currently has 43 members. The membership dues are $5/month to keep them affordable and insure that cost is not a barrier to participation.

Senior club members have access to a no-cost lunch program provided by Terrific, Inc. and free access to Washington DC YMCA centers. In addition to regular activities such as dinners, game nights, and movie nights they also have a buddy system where club members exchange contact information and regularly check up on each other.

Ms. Johnson’s excitement about the club is contagious! She recently said, “We are the change we want to see!”

Staying socially engaged is important for adults as they age. Connecting with other community members through activities and groups can give seniors a sense of purpose and a chance to make new friends who share their interests.

The Jubilee Senior Club has multiple trips planned for upcoming year including an overnight beach getaway, formal dances, and field trips to local attractions. If you want to get involved with the senior club, please contact Connie Bryant at cbryant@jubileehousing.org.

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