DCHFA Partners with Jubilee Housing to Preserve and Expand Affordable Housing in Columbia Heights

Fritz GutweinBlog, Press Release

“The Maycroft will help reduce the inequity that scores of District families experience, by offering them easy access to opportunities we all need for stable, successful lives,” said Jim Knight, president and CEO of Jubilee Housing. “The D.C. government’s investment in the Maycroft is an investment in building a more just, inclusive, and vibrant city for all District residents. Jubilee looks forward to working with the city and other development partners to create more justice housing that is affordable to all, located in thriving neighborhoods, and close to resources that support growth.” – See more at: http://www.publicnow.com/view/2586B91AB38905E4E1916B64C664CA6CA81C545A#sthash.DII8IVfw.dpuf