Resident Spotlight: Antonio Brown

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Antonio poses with Jubilee Youth Services Staff at his high school graduation.

With five years of Jubilee Youth Services (JYS) under his belt, graduating senior Antonio Brown is ready to move on to college this fall as part of the Jubilee to College (JTC) scholarship program. “I am excited to meet new people and try new things in college, but I am going to miss everyone at Jubilee Youth Services,” he said.

Jubilee to College was founded in 2011 to create the necessary funding to support Jubilee Housing residents in their higher education goals. This year, 15 Jubilee residents and former JYS students are a part of the program.

Antonio plans to study criminal justice at Montgomery College for two years and then transfer to American University. With support from his parents, Capital City Public Charter School and Jubilee Youth Services staff, he feels ready for this next season of life. He is especially thankful for JYS’ partnership with College Summit, where he found practical tips on applying for and succeeding in college. College Summit’s PeerForward program “really helped because we learned about college, but we also learned from each other. We got to meet kids from other high schools and know we weren’t the only ones going through something rough,” he said.

Antonio looks back on his five years in JYS fondly. “Jubilee Youth Services has been a great place for me to go on field trips and hang out with my friends, but I’ve also been motivated to step outside my comfort zone and take risks.”

Antonio plans to continue living at Jubilee with his parents while his attends Montgomery College, both to save money and because he loves living in Adams Morgan. “I feel like everyone is connected around here. We all live in close proximity and have a lot of stores and businesses near us. Most of my classmates in other parts of DC don’t have that,” he said.

Until classes start this fall, Antonio is excited to work with JYS Activity Zone students through the DOES Summer Youth Employment Program. “I worked there last summer and volunteered with them during the school year, so I’m glad I get to continue spending time with the kids this summer,” he said. Antonio is pictured chaperoning their Shenandoah canoe trip in 2015.

In June 2016, Antonio joined 14 other Jubilee residents in receiving a Jubilee to College scholarship to make his higher education goals a reality.