A Unique Jubilee Experience: Dinner at the Maycroft Apartments


Maycroft Dinner 105On May 16, we opened the doors of our Maycroft Apartments for a unique Jubilee Experience: dinner and conversation around making our city affordable and available to all.

We were fortunate to bring over 120 business, civic, and community leaders together to learn from each other and begin or deepen relationships. Guests were seated around small dinner tables in vacant Maycroft apartment units. Within this intimate setting, event attendees had the opportunity to enter into relationships of mutuality with our resident community through discussion and  a shared meal. As the District continues to experience white hot development, much of the dinner conversation centered on how to make it possible for people with fewer financial resources stay in the District and benefit from the progress of the city – what we call Justice Housing.

A special thanks to our event sponsors Bonstra Haresign Architects, Tishman Maycroft Dinner 037Speyer, United Bank, and Gepetto Catering. We are also grateful to our guests, who were more than willing to engage in thoughtful and honest conversation on what it means to create a place in our city for those at risk for displacement. As we continue to wait for a time when we can welcome 64 families out of the cycle of homelessness and into our Maycroft Apartments, this is one step toward making Justice Housing a reality in our city.

For more information about the impact of the Maycroft Dinner, read this opinion piece by Washington Business Journal Editor-in-Chief and event attendee Douglas Fruehling.