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    Resident Programs and Services are a hallmark of the Jubilee mission. Affordable housing is just the doorway to opportunity; once inside residents benefit from a variety of programs and services designed to offer support and accountability as they strive to reach larger life goals. Support comes through access to creative skills building opportunities such as classes and workshops, and through organizing initiatives that encourage residents to become active participants in the processes and structures that most impact their lives. In this way gifts are developed and people claim their rightful voice in self-determination.

    The common approach of the Jubilee community is to meet social needs in ways that encourage self-development of persons instead of further dependency. Since Jubilee Housing manages its own properties, property management staff is in constant contact with residents, and as such, can often spot opportunities for assisting residents in a variety of areas. Interested residents can engage Jubilee staff in solving occasional challenges relating to their housing commitment before they become overwhelming, and identify opportunities for growth and advancement as well.
    In addition to responding creatively to the day to day challenges facing many households, resident services staff is also available to help residents envision and move toward larger life goals. Residents form supportive relationships with staff and peers that help them work through the regular challenges and joys of life’s journey.
    Interested residents also have access to a network of loosely connected social services agencies commonly referred to as the Jubilee Ministries. These and other neighborhood agencies specialize in important services such as primary health care, job placement, after school programming for children, and more – all offering their services in walking distance of Jubilee Housing.  

1. Affiliated organizations within the Jubilee community offer job training, job placement, health care, programs for children, daycare, programs for the elderly, assistance in parenting, literacy training, and transitional housing and programs for homeless adults.

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