Kevin Sharps serves as vice president of Programs for Jubilee Housing. He assumed this role in July 2018.

Sharps is responsible for establishing and overseeing Jubilee programs that provide opportunities for youth, families, and individuals returning to the community from incarceration. He also supervises case management services for Jubilee Housing residents. With a growing senior population among Jubilee residents, Sharps guides the organization’s effort to develop quality-of-life opportunities for its older residents.

Sharps seeks to strengthen the cohesiveness of Jubilee’s programs, so individuals and families can easily access the organization’s continuum of services through a single point of entry and seamlessly adjust their engagement over time, as their needs dictate. In addition, Sharps works to ensure Jubilee’s programs are as impactful as possible, while making strategic use of the organization’s resources.

Prior to joining Jubilee Housing, Sharps was vice president of Resident Services at Nevada HAND (Housing and Neighborhood Development), in Las Vegas. In that capacity, he created and managed high-quality services that enabled residents of affordable housing to live fulfilling lives. Such services included financial coaching, educational programming, and healthcare opportunities.

Previously, Sharps was executive director of Fighting Back Partnership, a northern California nonprofit that operated four family resource centers and homeless programming as well as community engagement and neighborhood development projects—all for citizens with low incomes. He began his career helping homeless individuals on Los Angeles’ skid row to find housing and address issues of substance abuse.

Sharps chaired the San Francisco Continuum of Care (CoC), the city and county’s homeless services coordinating board, for five years and served as a member for seven. He also was a member of the Southern Nevada CoC in Las Vegas.

Sharps holds a BA in journalism from the University of Georgia and an MA in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. He is originally from Maryland and still has family there.