Dorothy Larimer serves as vice president of Property Management and Development for Jubilee Housing. She assumed that role in May 2016, after serving as Jubilee’s director of Property Management from May 2007.

In her current position, Larimer is responsible for helping Jubilee acquire new properties, overseeing their renovation, leasing units, and maintaining the high standards for quality evident in all Jubilee properties. Larimer also upholds a culture of professionalism among staff working at Jubilee’s communities and manages orderly processes for addressing issues raised by Jubilee residents.

Highlights of Larimer’s work for Jubilee include elevating Jubilee’s reputation for well-managed, well-appointed properties that comply with all financing guidelines; assisting with the acquisition of three multi-family buildings; designing and directing the renovation of nine residential buildings; and ensuring the all Jubilee properties qualify for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) each year—a rigorous process that includes annual recertification and compliance with numerous government regulations.

In addition, Larimer has successfully kept residents inexperienced in meeting the requirements of quality affordable homes from losing their homes when they get behind in their rent or fall out of compliance with their leases.

Prior to joining Jubilee Housing, Larimer was asset manager at Washington Investment Partners, where she oversaw real estate ranging from an office building in Washington, D.C., to a working farm in Warrenton, Va., and shopping centers in southern Florida. During her tenure there, she also directed the renovation of two historic homes.

Before that, Larimer managed retail, commercial, and residential holdings in D.C. and Maryland as general manager for H & M Enterprises. In her capacity with H & M, Larimer helped acquire several multi-family and commercial buildings, served on the development team for the complete renovation and condo conversion of a property in Adams Morgan, and negotiated leases for a range of businesses at multiple shopping centers.

Larimer studied at Montgomery College and the University of Winnipeg in Canada.