Back to School Store


As the summer winds down, parents and students start to turn their attention to the first day of school. Back to School season can be a time of great excitement as kids look forward to meeting their new classmates, seeing old friends, and getting to know their new teachers. This time can also be a time of anxiety for low-income families. Having to purchase book bags and other school supplies can be a heavy lift when money is already stretched thin.

In order to help combat this issue Jubilee Housing hosts an annual Back to School Store for students living in the Jubilee community. Supplies at the Back to School Store are deeply discounted and affordable to families so students are prepared for the upcoming school year and can focus on their studies.

Jubilee’s Back to School Store was created ten years ago in response to the needs of our residents. It is one of the ways we offer onsite services so that families living in Jubilee Housing have access to much needed resources that are well within their budgets. Every year the Back to School Store helps 50-100 school aged children living in Jubilee Housing.

This year the Back to School Store will take place on August 10th. We are still collecting in-kind supply purchases and donations. You can give a child everything they need for back to school, a high quality book-bag filled with grade appropriate supplies for just $53. You can also help purchase pencils, binders, and other supplies through our Amazon wish-list.

If you’d like to support the Back to School Store, please click here.

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