Jubilee Housing’s Coming Home Breakfast


On Friday October 12, 2018, Jubilee Housing hosted its first Coming Home breakfast at All Souls Unitarian Church.  110 attendees helped Jubilee Housing raise $120,000 in multi-year donations! These gifts will support Jubilee’s general operating fund, which will cover critical aspects of the organization not typically funded by grants or contracts.

During breakfast, the Jubilee Housing Builders Giving Society (JHB) was launched. These donors provide ongoing supporters to Jubilee Housing. With their multi-year commitments, Jubilee will have the foundation it needs to expand justice housing and begin to make its vision of a just and affordable DC a reality.

Members of the JHB commit to donating $1,000 or more per year to Jubilee Housing over the course of 3 years. For more information on to give a recurring gift to Jubilee Housing visit our donations page.

Attendees at the Coming Home breakfast included long-time Jubilee Housing supporters, neighborhood activists, Jubilee residents, commercial developers, and many new friends of Jubilee. In addition to a screening of resident stories, there were presentations by Jim Knight, Jubilee Housing’s executive director; Dickson Carroll, long time Jubilee Housing volunteer; Alex Orfinger, Jubilee Housing board member; Cherie Lindsay, director of re-entry housing; and Audrey Walker, director of the family resource center.

During the breakfast, Jim Knight highlighted the fact that our city’s economic and racial wealth gap is wider than ever. He called on attendees to join Jubilee Housing’s work in creating Justice Housing by connecting people with the fewest financial resources, to housing in thriving neighborhoods with onsite and nearby services. If you want to learn more click here to register for a DC Can Be Tour. They are held the last Friday of each month.