Jubilee Housing builds diverse, compassionate communities that create opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Today, as low and moderate income families are being squeezed out of Washington, D.C. due to lack of affordable housing, our work makes sure they can benefit from the progress of the city. Our work creates justice housing.


We believe that every person in our community has unique gifts and strengths. We create opportunities to help surface them and harness their potential. Working with residents, we develop programs that advance economic stability for youth and families, returning citizens, and people of various backgrounds who have had limited access to opportunity.


We believe that compassionate communities are physical places as well as groups of people with a common purpose. Thus, we are committed to providing service-enriched affordable housing in the walkable geographic area that spans the Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.


We recognize that we cannot create opportunities for people to overcome life challenges on our own. Inspiring others to join us in this calling is critical. Over the years, we have created strategic collaborative partnerships to help challenge the systems that perpetuate hardship and encourage shared resources and expertise.

News and Celebrations

Maycroft Resident Joins D.C. Mayor in Support of Housing Production Trust Fund and Justice Housing

Maycroft resident Phil Brooks spoke in support of justice housing and D.C.’s Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) at an event with Mayor Muriel Bowser on October 2, 2017. Brooks also introduced Mayor Bowser at the R.L. Christian groundbreaking, which celebrated record D.C. investments in affordable housing.

Brooks lives temporarily in Jubilee’s Ritz building while Jubilee renovates the Maycroft. He spoke about the critical importance of building such as the Ritz and the Maycroft to “those who have dreams, those who have kids, and others who can’t afford to pay the high rents in the D.C.” He said moving into the Maycroft, where he pays one-third of his income in rent, enabled him “to look at how I could do more in my life.”

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Jubilee Housing Launches Renovation of Maycroft Apartments

Washington, D.C.—July 31, 2017—While they differed on whether the celebration was six or seven years in the making, all those assembled to launch the renovation of Jubilee Housing’s Maycroft Apartments agreed that creating more justice housing in D.C. was well worth the wait.

Jim Knight, Jubilee executive director and president, told an audience of city officials, community residents, financing partners, nonprofit leaders, and members of the Jubilee team that getting to the groundbreaking ceremony had “tested our collective resolve in remarkable ways” but the need for more justice housing in the city had kept them going.

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