Jubilee Housing builds diverse, compassionate communities that create opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Justice housingTM is deeply affordable homes with onsite and nearby services in thriving communities.

Deeply Affordable Homes

Did you know that “affordable housing” can range widely in rent cost? An apartment is technically “affordable” at 80% area median income (AMI). The 2017 D.C. AMI was $82,372, which puts an 80% AMI unit out of reach for many renters. Deeply affordable homes qualify at 30% AMI and below. Creating equity means increasing the number of homes that are deeply affordable for those who face the highest barriers to renting.

Onsite & Nearby Services

Access to childcare, financial planning resources, and career training are just a few of the things people need to succeed. Placing those resources within walking distance eases the logistical burden by creating a network of support grounded in the community. Jubilee Housing provides many such services onsite and partners with neighborhood organizations that provide many more. We believe combining housing and support services is critical to creating opportunity.

Thriving Communities

The greatest predictor of lifelong success comes down to the zip code you’re born into. Living in a thriving community affords people resources that greatly impact educational and career opportunities, and can affect physical and mental health outcomes. Creating greater access to these life-changing resources is why Jubilee Housing intentionally creates homes and operates services in the Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant communities.

News and Celebrations

Jubilee Housing Receives Predevelopment Loans from DHCD

Jubilee Housing closed on the first two Oramenta Newsome Predevelopment Loans for predevelopment costs on two newly acquired properties, 1460 Euclid Street NW, and 1724 Kalorama Rd. NW. The two loans, which amount to $200,000, will be used to pay the design and architectural fees for these two buildings.

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New Resiliency Center for the Jubilee Community at Maycroft Apartments

Jubilee Housing and Pepco, along with New Partners Community Solar Corp and the DC Department of Energy and Environment, will launch the District’s first affordable housing resiliency center powered by solar+battery storage.

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